District 1
 Deep Forest
DISTRICT 1 is situated at the very north of the map. DEEP FOREST is a tree-filled park with a number of structures. From PLATFORMS nestling in the trees connected by SUSPENSION BRIDGES to the CUBE, accessible only via a TRENCH, the possibilities for hiding or ambushing are numerous. This district is also connected to the southern section of the map via a TUNNEL.
District 2
 Farm Land
DISTRICT 2 is situated to the North of the map. FARMLAND is the rural district of the Republic of Cobalt, home to a FARM, chicken coops, bales of hay, an animal pen and Marguerite the cow.
District 3
 Villa / Bus station
DISTRICT 3 is situated in the central section of the map. This zone is home to the VILLA, a fully equipped house that you can besiege and take control of in order to surprise your enemies. Crossfire in the lounge or ambush in the kitchen, the choice is yours. Directly opposite is the BUS STATION. Three old Lausanne buses can be used as firing or surveillance spots.
District 4
 Azcabar / Playground / Arcadia
DISTRICT 4 is located in the central section of the map. Completely dominating the HULA BEACH district, this area contains a PLAYGROUND where you can take cover, and most importantly, an immense fort of over 100 m². It contains passageways, corridors and footbridges, and a central tower that overlooks the entire central section of the map. The fort is directly linked to Hula Beach via an underground passageway called ARCADIA.
District 5
 Hula Beach / Jungle
DISTRICT 5 is situated to the south of the map. HULA BEACH is a zone for players to explore and maneuver around a body of water. Be careful not to fall in! It is directly adjacent to the JUNGLE, a long corridor under the cover of trees that connects directly to the CARLSBERG.
District 6
DISTRICT 6 is located to the south of the map. An open zone situated between the DOWNTOWN district and the JUNGLE, it is the Republic's holiday area with its CAMPSITE and CARLSBERG bar. The various units, tables and caravans provide ideal cover.
District 7
 Downtown / Docks
DISTRICT 7 is located to the extreme south of the map. Full of naval containers and overlooking the downtown district, the DOCKS offer various hiding places and high points for monitoring your enemies. As for the DOWNTOWN area, it comprises numerous houses and a central avenue, at the end of which is a church whose clock tower offers a view of the entire district – useful for driving out your adversaries.
District 8
 Sniper Hill
DISTRICT 8 is situated in the central section of the map. This vast area occupies a large part of the central districts on the map. It is particularly dangerous due to the fact that players are completely exposed. At its center there is a WATCHTOWER, ideal for snipers!
District 9
DISTRICT 9 is located in the central section of the map. This underground TUNNEL connects the north and south sections of the map. Take care when using it as you never know what might await you at the other end.